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After a disappointingly cool spring, we finally got our first hot weather.  We had been waiting for it. We had been talking about it. We had been impatiently anticipating it and when it came, our air conditioner went out.  Naturally.

At first I was against using the air conditioning.  We fight about it every spring.  There’s something kind of final about closing all the windows and shutting out the bird sounds, the grass smells and the teasing breezes.  After all, once we shut the house up, it’s a lot of trouble to reopen it when the temperature drops.  Not only that, but we have been trying to save money and air conditioning jacks up the electric bill. So that first night, we pulled all our fans into the bedroom and suffered through the first hot night of the season.  The next day the husband waited until I went out and closed all the windows and turned on the air.  That was when we discovered it didn’t work.

It wasn’t really a surprise.  We had already had an “expert” recommend a new system. In fact they recommended several years in a row when they came out and did the free inspection.  My husband isn’t one to let anything free get by him.  So he had already started pricing air conditioners when we reopened the windows and repositioned the fans on the second hot day of the season.  It was all very depressing.

By the end of the third hot day of the season, I was ready to pay any price to get our air conditioning back on.  Luckily we had the perfect antidote to a hot humid day.  After sweating my way through meal prep and clean up, I went and dug out last year’s bathing suit and we went down to the lake.

I love Beaver Lake.  We got on the pontoon boat and cruised out to the middle of our little cove. My husband was in the water almost before the boat stopped moving.  It took me a little longer to get in.  The difference between the water temperature and the air temperature is a little shocking in the early spring.  In fact, I think it would work as well as one of those portable defibrillator if we ever had that need.  But the idea of staying on the boat, covered with hot sticky sweat instead of slipping quietly into the smooth, cool water was ridiculous. Eventually, I slipped in and the temperature of the water in the cove went up accordingly. 

We’ve lived here eleven years now, and I still love the lake.  We’re still out on the boat at least a couple of times a week all summer.  And it’s still just as pretty, just as peaceful and just as blessedly cool as ever. I love Beaver Lake.

I also love the nice man who came and fixed our air conditioner for a reasonably low price.

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Last fall I wrote a newspaper column about our youngest child’s senior year of high school called it “the first of the lasts”.  But now we’re closing in on the lasts of the lasts. I think this whole week will be dedicated to the last high school graduation I will be personally involved in. Not really my first choice for how to spend my time, but it seems to be required.

Tonight is the last Scholarship Assembly.  Although it’s the first one at the “new” high school, I attended a decades worth at the other high school. Of course, most of those assemblies I attended as a reporter which gave me a completely different perspective. As a reporter, I loitered close to the stage with my camera and my notebook.  The challenge was always to get a decent photo I could identify.  If you were concentrating on snapping a decent photo, you really didn’t have time to write down the name so I would look for kids I happened to know.  I always knew some of them.  My kids’ friends always got more than their fair share of publicity.

The Scholarship Assembly isn’t that much fun. As much as I appreciate the many donors who make the many scholarships possible, it’s tough for me to watch those same 20 or 30 kids being called to stage over and over.  The smart kids who already have a full ride at some great university, also get the smaller scholarships that would make a big difference to some of the less smart kids.  My own personal kids fall into that second category so it’s hard to watch. 

None of my kids have been interested in  Baccalaureate and that’s fine with me – one less evening to spend in the high school audiotorium.

A new twist this year will be a graduation brunch.  I’m not even sure how the young graduate talked me into this.  She was just so sure that she deserved a party and I just didn’t have the heart to refuse. After all, she is the last one.  So Thursday and Friday will be spent cleaning, shopping and cooking for a Saturday morning party.

Why Saturday morning?  Well Saturday night we’ll all be at Project Graduation just as if we were that close a family.  I think it might actually kill her dad and me.

Project Graduation is a great idea.  The parents throw a huge party, designed to attract as many graduates as possible so they can spend their evening in a safe, alcohol and drug free envirnonment.  It’s a lock in and goes on until 4 a.m.  That’s the problem.  4 a.m.

The older kids refused to let us anywhere near their Project Graduation.  I helped set up and went home to bed, but too bad for us, the youngest has agreed to tolerate our presence.  Of course, her Dad and I will be working in the “casino” and she plans to avoid that whole area, so we may not even see her.  But we get to stay up all night on Saturday anyway, so there’s no way I’m planning a party for Sunday. 

So here goes. The last of the lasts. The only question is, how much am I going to cry?

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Hello world!


So I was advised to “Just Do It,” kinda like Nike, I guess, so This is me. Doing my first blog post.

Seems like introductions are in order. 

I have three mostly grown kids. Next weekend, the youngest graduates from high school and if we survive a graduation brunch, graduation ceremony and Project Graduation all on Saturday (and very early Sunday morning!), we’ll be through with public schools.  Almost impossible to believe! 

After a long career in “community journalism” (small weekly papers) I’m unemployed and waiting to see what happens next!  But I’ve been really busy being unemployed between networking groups, job searching, volunteer work and some freelance writing, I’m tired!  I feel like I earn my unemployment money every week.

This summer, I’ll celebrate 30 years of marriage – almost as hard to believe as the grown kid thing!  We were lucky enough eleven years ago to be able to choose where we wanted to live.  We found Beaver Lake and decided it was perfect for us.

Not completely sure where this blog will take me, but I’ve jumped on board for the ride!

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